How to Create Web Form Application

1. Explain where Visual Studio .NET stores Web application projects. Web application projects are stored in a new virtual folder for each project. The properties of that virtual folder determine where the files are physically stored. These properties can be viewed in IIS.

 2. List the four major differences between Web and Windows applications. o Web forms cannot use the standard Windows controls. Instead, they use server controls, HTML controls, user controls, or custom controls created specially for Web forms.

o Web applications are displayed in a browser. Windows applications display their own windows and have more control over how those windows are displayed.

o Web forms are instantiated on the server, sent to the browser, and destroyed immediately. Windows forms are instantiated, exist for as long as needed, and are destroyed.

 o Web applications run on a server and are displayed remotely on clients. Windows applications run on the same machine they are displayed on.

3. Describe the life cycle of a Web application: When are Web forms instantiated and how long do they exist? A Web application starts with the first request for a resource within the application’ s boundaries. Web forms are instantiated when they are requested. They are processed by the server and are abandoned immedi¬ately after the server sends its response to the client. A Web application ends after all client sessions end.

 4. How do you preserve persistent data, such as simple variables, in a Web application? You can preserve data in state variables, such as ApplicationState, SessionState, or ViewState.

5. What determines the boundaries of a Web application? IIS determines Web application boundaries by the structure of the appli¬cation’ s virtual folders. A Web application boundary starts in the folder containing the start page of the application and it ends at the last subordi¬nate folder or when it encounters another start page in a subordinate folder.


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