How to work with Web Objects

  1. How does the .NET Framework organize its classes?

The .NET Framework uses namespaces to organize its classes. 

  1. In Visual Basic .NET, what is difference between a class module and a code module?

Class modules are instantiated at run time to create objects that provide separate storage for variables and properties in each instance. Code mod­ules do not have instances, so any module-level variables they use are shared among calls to the module’ s procedures.

  1. In Visual C#, how do you declare a method to make it available without having to first instantiate an object from the class?

To create a method that can be called without instantiating an object, declare that method as static.

  1. How do you call a member of a base class from within a derived class?

To refer to a member of a base class in Visual Basic .NET, use the MyBase keyword. To refer to a member of a base class in Visual C#, use the base keyword.

  1. What are the four main objects used in Web application programming?

The four main objects in Web application programming are the Application, Page, Request, and Response objects.

  1. Where would you save the following data items so that they persist between requests to a Web form?
    • A control created at run time

Save controls created at run time in the Page object’ s ViewState.

    • An object that provides services to all users

Save objects that provide services to all users in the Application state.

    • User preferences

Save user preferences in SessionState.


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