what is MVC ( Model View Controller )

MVC Pattern will separates an Application into three Main Components. 1.The Model

 2.The View

3.The Controller

MVC Pattern allows you to create a web application which is alternate to web forms,MVC is Lightweight, High Testable Presentation,

Model : Model Object are the part of Application that is used to implement Logic for the application,and Model Objects are used to retrieve and store model state in database . For Example: in a small application the dataset will read and send it to the view , so this layer does not have any physical Model layer and associate Classes , in such case the dataset will take role as Model Object.

View : View Object Display the Application user interface(UI). This UI is created for Model Data For Example : On edit the view it consists of text box, Drop down List, Check Box

Controller : Controller components Handles the User Interaction


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