Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Topic 1 : Introducing Windows Communication Foundation

Topic 2 : How to Hosting a WCF Service

Topic 3 : How to Making Applications and Services Robust

Topic 4 : How to Protect an Enterprise WCF Service

Topic 5 : How to Protect  a WCF Service over the Internet

Topic 6 : How to Maintain Service Contracts and Data Contracts

Topic 7 : How to Maintain State and Sequencing Operations

Topic 8 : What is Supporting Transactions in WCF

Topic 9 : How to Implement Reliable Sessions in WCF

Topic 10 : Programmatically Controlling the Configuration and Communications

Topic 11 : How to Implement OneWay and Asynchronous Operations in WCF

Topic 12 : How Implement a WCF Service for Good Performance

Topic 13 : What is Routing Messages in WCF

Topic 14 : Using a Callback Contract to Publish and Subscribe to Events

Topic 15 : Managing Identity with Windows CardSpace

Topic 16 : Integrating with ASP.NET Clients and Enterprise Services Components


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