How to uninstall/delete an iPhone app from device

How to uninstall/delete an iPhone/IPad app from device

IPhone/IPad: How do I uninstall/delete/remove/Movie the position of  iPhone apps
Apple has designed IPhone is such a way that a user can able to Uninstall or install the apps very easy .
the most common question for user is that , how can i uninstall apps for my iphone/IPad device .
It is very easy to uninstall apps from your iphone deveice
The Procedure is common for all the apple device like IPhone 2g,3g,3gs,4g devices … Etc.

Please find the below steps to un install the apps from your smart device .
1.We can able to delete or uninstall the apps by just press and hold one of the iPhone app icons as below image.
Note : No need of thinking which icon i have to hold , You can hold any one of the installed icon in your IPhone device.

After that we are able to view (X) symboled icon apps with start shaking in place ,the iPhone app icons have good reason to appear nervous ,where you can now do things to them changes, including replace the position of icons by moving or deleting them.

2.We have to Press the (X) symbole to delete the app from your smart iphone device, the app will be deleted from your device.and you cannot able to view the app icon from your IPhone device.
Note :
* We cannot able to delete the Pre installed apps  like  Contacts  Calendar, Photos, Camera, Youtube, Maps, Notes, Utilities , ITunes, App Store, Game Center Phone, Mail, Safari, IPod , About General Settings Provided my Apple services
* By doing the above process app will not be un installed completely , Please follow the Step : 3 .

Delete iPhone/IPad apps from iTunes
3. Connect your IPhone device to you PC and ITunes ( You can able to  see some kind of synchronization-related message related to deleting this application when you connect)

Finall stpe :
4. Synchronize your IPhone Deveice finally and  you can able to delete the IPhone or IPad apps that come pre-installed from Apple.

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