Silverlight interview question and FAQ

1) What is Microsoft Silverlight?

2) Which browsers does Silverlight support?

3) Why use Silverlight?

4) Which platforms does Silverlight support?

5) What are the goals of Moonlight?

6) What are the system requirements for Silverlight?

7) What is Moonlight?

8) What is the Silverlight plug-in?

9) Is Silverlight free?

10) What is the difference between Silverlight 1.0 and 2?

11) What is Silverlight Runtime?

12) Which tool to use – Expression Studio or Visual Studio?

13) What is Silverlight SDK?

14) What is a .xap file?

15) What are the tools required to develop Silverlight applications?

16) What are the Silverlight versions available so far?

17) How does XAP work?

18) What is the use of the ClientBin folder?

19) How do I use a .xap file?

20) Can we add a reference to a Class Library project in a Silverlight application project?

21) What is XAML?

22) What is a Silverlight.js file?

23) How to change the default page of a Silverlight application?

24) What is app.xaml?

25) What is the AppManifest.xml file?

26) What are the main features and benefits of Silverlight?

27) What files are contained within a .xap file?

28) Which language is Silverlight developed in?

29) What is the Silverlight official name?

30) What is MainPage.xaml?

31) What is the difference between WPF and Silverlight?

32) Can I consume WCF and ASP.NET Web Services in Silverlight?

33) What are Deep Zoom and Deep Zoom Composer?

34) What are the different Layout controls available in Silverlight applications?

35) What is the difference between Silverlight and Flash?

36) What is the difference between Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX?

37) Do I need to have the .NET Framework installed in order to use Silverlight?

38) Are XAML files compiled or built at runtime?

39) What is the long-term goal or vision for Silverlight?

40) What is .NET RIA Services?

41) What are the design files and the code-behind files in Silverlight?

42) What are the other RIA technologies besides Silverlight?

43) What features are missing from Silverlight presentation markup that will be supported in WPF?

44) What is meant by RIA?

45) Who is using Silverlight?

46) What is the relationship and difference between Silverlight and ASP.NET?

47) Will I need more memory, a faster processor, or a better Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)?

48) What are the new features of Silverlight 4?

49) How does Silverlight make the Microsoft development system better?

50) When to use Silverlight, ASP.NET, or both?


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