Why use Silverlight?

For .Net Developer , It is very easy to start programming on silverlight.
.Net CLR supports like C#, VB.NET, dynamic languages like IronPython, IronRuby
Expression Blend is a Designing tool for silverlight where you can able to create Graphic design for silverlight application.
Expression Blend is introduced by Microsoft for designing GUI in Silverlight.
Silverlight integrates the XAML declarative language with the .NET Framework
It delivers rich video graphics, audio,
Silverlight plug-in can be installed in seconds,
It runs a client-side application when user read data and update the UI without refreshing the whole page.
It can run asynchronous communications with the server, allowing the UI to continue to function while waiting for the server response.
You can create a user control in Silverlight and embed it in an HTML page using the object tag, for this you would typically have a Silverlight project in your solution and reference it from your web application.


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