Why should we use Silverlight

Why should we use Silverlight ?

Microsoft has launched visual studio .Net where developer can able to develop both Windows Base Application and Web Based Application .

When a company want to Maintain Same application Windows and Web Based Application(Eg:Application Name as My_Application)for both Windows and Web Based Application , it is very Difficulty to maintain same User Graphics , same User Interface , Same Appeariance , ect... for both Windows and web base Application ie: My_Application .

So in order to over come this problem Microsoft has introduced WPF ,to create a rich Application which helps you to create Graphics ,Animations, 3D -Graphics,Motion Pictures Ect ....

WPF was introduced by new style of XAML (Extension Application Markup Language)Language.in this we have 2 types.

. Web Browser WPF

. WPF Application

both versions is the same and it provides a rich UI better than a normal ASP.Net and Windows application.

Again we have problem we have to maintain 2 applications for both Web Browser WPF and WPF Application

In order to overcome this problem Microsof has introduced SILVERLIGHT .Silverlight is OUT BROWSER Application ,Any Silverlight application can be converted into an Out-Of-Browser application and as well as revert it into a web application. The application will have the power of the desktop but delivered by the web.

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