What is Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a very powerful tool to create and delivering a rich Internet application and rich graphic media experiences on the Webpages.
Silverlight tends for business applications and rich media experiences.
Silverlight introduces more than 40 new advanced features, including High Definision video quality and fast performance improvements.

Silverlight is used to create a web based technology .
Silverlight is Cross browser, cross-platform client framework that allows designers and developers to deliver Rich Internet Applications(RIA Services)
we can embedded the silverlight application in any web pages .
Silverlight is a Plug in with a size of 6 MB ,
Silverlight is free software for client side and we can download silverlight setup less that 10 sec ,it is one time installion for any client browser.]
we can view HD video using IIS Smooth Streaming and builtin Content Protection.
On using silverlight we can enables both ONLINE and OFFLINE application for a broad range of buiness scenarious.
It is a technology where we can fill the gap between web application and windows applications in terms of GUI (Graphic user Interface)
We can run the silverlight application as client side application without need of refresh the browser to update the UI .
Silverlight application can easily integrate with services and server controls .

Microsoft corporation has made the Silverlight browser plug-in as freely available for all browsers.
We can download the silverlight set-up from the below Link :

Silverligh SDK :
Start Downloading the silverlight now


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